Wait, Are Those Chicken Feathers on the Crisps?

Hold your horses, Pok Pok Army. We’ve heard you and this is why we want to address your concerns. 

“Is there a feather on the snack?” 

Yes and no. Those tiny little “feather” are not exactly feathers, they are called the filament. Wait, what are they? The filament is the smallest part of the feather that connects it to the skin, it is “a slender threadlike object or fiber, especially one found in animal or plant structures”. 

At Pok Pok Chicken Skin, our kitchen carefully removes feathers with staff who’s primary job is to pluck them all out, before we season them with our signature seasoning and fry them into crispy chicken skin. Because the crisps are fried, the remaining, if any, unplucked filament is fried together with the skin. These filaments are sanitised and cleaned along with the skin, and because it is cooked, it is safe for consumption just like the skin. 

You will find these filaments on a rare occasion and if you do, you can be assured that there is no health risk associated to them. You may try to find them but they are very small and difficult to see. 

Do you know an average chicken has about 4,500 to 8,000 feathers? It would be impossible to remove all of the filament but we are doing our best to ensure that that every chicken skin crisp is made to perfection. 

How can you tell if your chicken skin is made from fresh ingredients and not from a frozen stock pile? Because only fresh chicken skin has filament and that is why Pok Pok Chicken Skin tastes so good because we only use the freshest ingredients for you! 

The next time you see “feather” on your crisp, check if it is attached to the skin. Don’t worry, it is just the filament. 

Until next time! 

Pok Pok Chicken Skin